Rainbow Slicing April 11 2011

Thoughts from Amanda. Mamelodi, South Africa. April 11, 2011. 

On my way to South Africa, I flew through a rainbow.

The right wing of the plane, sliced a rainbow, and I caught it. I glimpsed it, I photographed it, and there were absolutely no skittles.Rainbow Slicing

Connor and I took this rainbow slicing business to be a good omen for our trip. And, man, was it a long trip. ADHD and sitting down for more than half an hour is an ugly business. We left Cincinnati at 4:25pm and arrived in Johannesburg at 11:45am. Yeah, that’s about 19 hours of sitting down. There was one layover in Atlanta, but that was only after an hour-long flight. And the layover wasn’t even two hours.

The thing is, somewhere over the Bermuda Triangle, like as not, (that’s right, and if I meet Amelia Earhart, I’ll know something went south) Amanda had a panic attack. Alright, well I fought one off—thankfully without screaming. But forget the plane drama: we made it! We made it straight to Guateng, South Africa.

Some of Jennifer’s friends picked us up in a van and it turns out they drive crazier than I do. Also, the roads and cars are all flipped around: right turns are suddenly terrifying and confusing.

But we made it, got fish and sticks as take-away (take-out, here) and fell asleep to the chickens outside our hotel room. At one point, sometime around 4:38am (local time), the pigs started making a ruckus. And I thought it was Jennifer and Connor snoring. Africa!