Quirky Africa April 13 2011

Thoughts from Amanda. Mamelodi, South Africa. April 13, 2011. 

Quirky Africa 
Today: I sang to some leopard cubs, saw white tigers and a lion, flew from a duck and found a suspicious plant.

Today was, well, quirky. 

After waking, Connor and I went over to the leopard cubs’ cage. We named them, fell in love with them, and they with us. And afterwards I wandered around to see if I could see some of the animals here at the Farm Inn.

That’s when I found the lions and tigers and maniacal goose—oh my. He ran towards me and I thought maybe he wanted some bread. But when he started biting my feet, I realized, no, he’s crazy. I calmly thought the situation over as we danced, his wings flapping, my legs spazzing. And then I ran like mad.

Later on, we visited the orphanage. Mighty found this weird plant: “It feels like plastic,” she said. And after oohing and ahhing, we realized that yes, it actually is a plastic plant firmly planted among living ones.