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Thoughts from Amanda. Mamelodi, South Africa. April 15, 2011. 
Seed beads. Today was all about seed beads. Betty, one of the Beaded Hope ladies, taught Connor how to bead a necklace. Well that necklace turned into a bracelet that he gave me for my tiny hands, but it was beautiful. And then Connor turned around and taught me! And I even picked out the color pattern for a Beaded Hope line. If you see the yellow, purple, blue set, then know that was my doing!
Mmatshabalala's work with the karakatana beads

Mma Tshabalala beading

Mmatshabalala is another Beaded Hope lady, and she's super talented. She speaks Zulu I believe, so we have to have a translator with us. But anyway, today's workshop was all about karakatana beads. They are these tiny little nuts, and the word "karakatana" means something like tooth nut. Mums would put strands of these nuts around their babies' necks while they were teething. They're basically ancient teething rings... and they make beautiful jewelry.


A pile of Karakatana beads

After I finished my own bead work (that's right, I got artsy), I caught up with Connor as he played football (soccer) with the kids from the orphanage on site. And I took pictures of everything. 

This is Lindiwe... and she's gorgeous. (that's also Connor's bracelet he made me!) she always tells me "You are beautiful" and I tell her "Nono, YOU are beautiful!"

Lindiwe, wearing one of Connor's creations!

And after being chased around for my camera by picture-loving kids, we drove back to the Farm Inn. And found this creature:

Afriunicorn...Yeah. What?

We decided that he is an Afriunicorn. And then... we went to investigate the lions. This is the soundtrack to nights here: Lions and tigers, oh my!