Beautiful Red April 16 2011

Thoughts from Jennifer. Mamelodi, South Africa. April 16, 2011. 

On my first trip to South Africa it was winter (July/August). To keep my feet warm during church I packed my favorite pair of dress boots. Those boots went to church on Sunday but they also went to a traditional South African funeral where I stood in the red African dirt and listened to the rise and the fall of the beautiful South African voices and they sang songs of worship and praise. Returning home I found myself wistfully thinking of South Africa every time I put on those boots and found another speck of red dirt.

The red, red dirt of South Africa

 On Friday, after our trek to find the roaring lions, I showed Connor and Amanda the beauty of the South African dirt. They picked it up. They squeezed it. They rubbed it on their hands. And then they threw it into the air. Ahhh. Beautiful.

Connor and Amanda and the red, red dirt of South Africa