Zip-Tied April 19 2011 1 Comment

Thoughts from Jennifer. Mamelodi, South Africa. April 16, 2011.  part 2/2

Saturday, April 16th part 2/2 After completing our shopping for the Sunday meal I made what I thought would be a quick stop at Clicks, a local drug store. Connor, at some point, had trimmed a toe nail too short and it was causing him trouble. Amanda who, among her many talents, is a licensed nail technician attended to Connor’s toe as best she could but clearly we needed some nippers and Neosporin to aid in the healing process.

So I ran into Clicks thinking that I had two easy items on my shopping list and that I would collect them quickly. Alas, not true. After searching the shelves and finding only the nippers I finally approached the pharmacists and asked for the South African equivalent to Neosporin. She assured me that she had something very similar and stepped away from the counter returning with Bactroban from behind the pharmacy counter.

Now at this point I have to stop you and remind you that in the state, Neosporin is one of those things that you just run into Kroger or Walgreens to grab, never having to bother a pharmacist. Well I asked the pharmacist if I could pay her for both items and she promptly told me that I had to pay up front. No problem, I thought. Then she got out this wire box, opened the lid, dropped the Bactroban into it and  zip-tied it shut. What the heck! When I arrived at the checkout station the cashier promptly cut the zip tie, dumped out the contents and rang up my purchase; all this for a little tube of South African Neosporin. Thanks to Connor’s big toe I learned a little something today.