Cheetahs, Church, and Cake. April 17 2011 4 Comments

Thoughts from Connor. Mamelodi, South Africa. April 17, 2011.

 Connor, Guest Blogger

Today we did 3 things: church, cheetahs, and a party (with cake!) at Mama Peggy’s house. Church was 3 ½ hours long! It is nothing like at home. Church is only 45 minutes at home and way less vocal. The pastor was literally screaming into the microphone!

After church we took picture with Anthony the cheetah that stared in the movie “Duma”. It was really cool because I was taking pictures with a cheetah and he was almost laying on me at on time! 


After that we went to Mama Peggy’s house for a dinner party. I ate a chocolate cake from Cakes of Africa, and it was good.

We played football (soccer) with Jabulile’s son, Jabulane. It was fun.


Best Part of the Day:

taking pictures with the cheetah