Sun City Rhinos April 21 2011 2 Comments

Thoughts from Connor. Mamelodi, South Africa. April 18, 2011.
Connor, Guest Blogger

Today we went to Pilanesberg Game Park for a safari. It took 2 hours to get there, and it was like traveling through never ending farm land.

Once we got there, it reminded me Las Vegas. “Sun City”, the Las Vegas of South Africa because it has hotels, game drives, entertainment, restaurants, and attractions.

Did you know that rhinos can only move forward?


The safari that we took was 3 hours long. Our driver told us that if a composition book was all of the land for safari, we only covered about a 1 inch square, AND IT WAS BIG!

We saw: Lions, Blue Wildebeests, Gray Go-Away Birds, White Rhinos, Elephants, Springbok, Ostriches and Impala.

Once the safari was over, we took the 2 hour drive home. It was a pretty good day.



Best Part of the Day:

going on safari