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Thoughts from Amanda. Mamelodi, South Africa. April 18, 2011. 

And now a minute to introduce you to the animals we've encountered! Some are not so local, some are just here for the breeding program at the farm inn, and some are just totally everywhere.

This is just my best friend Anthony the Cheetah.

Anthony is at the Farm Inn, and here's what else they have.

Chickens are EVERYWHERE, here. and apparently, they sleep in trees.

Blue Wildebeeast ... all over Africa.

These giraffes are the smallest kind... but they really just look like they're on stilts when they walk. So awkwardly graceful.

Yeah check out the carnage. The tigers here are part of the breeding program, but this one is unfortunately infertile.

There's two of these tigers, and they're still growing. But they are completely playful.

Tiger Fact:

Tigers rely on stealth so they only go after prey that has turned its back. In some places, people have started wearing masks on the backs of their heads to confuse the tigers. Tiger-deaths dropped drastically in these places!

The white lion is basically the redhead of lions. It's a recessive gene. Mothers reject white lions.

Besides the Farm Inn, we also visited Pilanesberg, which is a huge natural setting for animals. We saw ostriches, rhinos, lions (mating!), and springbok... but my favorite is actually the impala:

You can tell the male from the female by the M on the male's butt...seriously!

And then around the township, you sometimes see this:

and then:
Yeah. My brother got me one of those hats from China. Viva la Africa!