A day in the meals of South Africa April 22 2011

Thoughts from Amanda. Mamelodi, South Africa. April 19, 2011. 

We have had an interesting contrast in cultures here. On the one hand, we've been staying at the Farm Inn, a pretty classy place, and eating at some of the nicer restaurants. And on the other hand we've been spending most of our time at the VCT in the rather impoverished township. So here's the cultural contrast through food:





First morning at the Farm Inn. There's fruit, and omelettes, and breads, and BRIE CHEESE, and the most delicious mango juice you've ever had.


And then there's the South African donut: found randomly on the side of the road.

 Mighty says: "They're fat cakes. We call them babies. Because they are fat like babies." Yeahh, I don't know what these dough balls are cooked in... but I don't really care after trying one.


Roman's pizza. De-lic-ious. But seriously. Connor and I had five slices each.


Do I even need to say anything?


And Then There's Dinner

I had this at the Cape Town Fish Market.. a totally classy, and here, classic, place.

Or there's THIS.
These places are everywhere. Like McDonalds, but... with fresh fish. We had a place similar to this the first night, and it was a winner.

And Hey, Dessert!

Well, I really only have shots for the nicer restaurants. Turns out dessert isn't the most common thing otherwise.
Fried chocolate with nut ganesh. The cook gave me the recipe I was so unabashedly in love. The waiter told us each one was like a little present. Truth.

And Lastly, the Unifying Factor: Five Roses Tea

Everyone drinks it. With loads of sugar and cream and an out-of-this-world biscuit.