Bless this Home May 08 2011

Wisdom from AfricaWhile in South Africa last month I stumbled across a book entitled Wisdom from Africa, A collection of proverbs by Dianne Stewart. Right up my alley. I grabbed the book with barely a second look and packed it safely in my suitcase to bring home and savor later.

Last night, feeling a little melancholy and missing South Africa, I opened the book. Words of wisdom from all over Africa poured out, bringing a smile to my face, and made me feel like I was dipping my toes back in the sea of the continent of my soul. Periodically, I’m certain, I will pull this book out and share a new bit of wisdom with you. Some from South Africa, some from neighboring countries, all worth sharing.

Today, with “home” on my mind, I share this proverb from the Zulu tribe of South Africa.

Umuzi ngumuzi ngokuphanjukelwa.

Translation: A home is a home if it is visited.

Meaning (according to the author): People will not visit a home where hospitality is not offered. This proverb encourages kindness even to strangers, so that one’s home will be visited often.

My interpretation: Open the doors of your home and welcome everyone. Offer them tea, offer them wine, offer them love.

My wish for you; may your heart and home always be welcoming to all who visit. p.s. Have a love for African fables too? You can get your own copy of Dianne Stewart's book on Amazon.