In Celebration of the Life of Julien Montgomery March 31 2007

August 17, 1963 --- March 22, 2007

On March 22nd Julien Montgomery, a founding member of Beaded Hope, passed away. We dedicate this blog entry to his memory.

When Julien joined the Beaded Hope team he quickly became our unofficial spokesman. He shared his passion for Beaded Hope with ANYONE who would listen.

In a chance encounter, Julien introduced Catherine Basil to Beaded Hope. Catherine just happened to be an employee of Barefoot Advertising and on the committee responsible for selecting the non-profits that would be awarded one of Barefoot's annual grants, which Beaded Hope would eventually win. Personally, I believe that this never would have happened if Julien hadn't shared his passion for Beaded Hope with Catherine.

What an amazing gift Julien has given Beaded Hope simply by being himself.

And yet, to me, what Julien has done for Beaded Hope pails in comparison to the personal legacy that he leaves behind.Julien Montgomery, 1963 - 2007

Julien taught those around him to love with child-like passion. When he loved you he lavished it on you in abundance; you felt privileged to be on the receiving end of his love.

Julien taught us about perseverance as he fought valiantly against the disease that finally took his life. Julien taught us about laughter as he always had a quick wit and never hesitated to use it. Julien taught us about AIDS as he walked through his own personal battle against the disease with dignity and grace. Julien taught us about community as he had an amazing gift for drawing people together and uniting them in community. Julien, we miss you, we love you and we can't wait to see you again!