Three Cheers for Hope! November 16 2007

What happens when one high school student gets passionate? Well, it gets a little crazy, that's what. Here's the story... Jayne has been volunteering her time behind the scenes at Beaded Hope for over a year now. She's been to South African and what she saw made a huge impact. But, rather than keep it all to herself, she decided to enlist a few friends's the crazy part...Jayne and SIX of her friends got together one Sunday night and volunteered their time with Beaded Hope! Maybe this doesn't seem all that exciting to you ...but it should be! Here's why...a bunch of high school kids got together (because they wanted to!) and decided to serve. And, in helping Beaded Hope, they helped the women in Mamelodi. At the end of the night they even asked when they could come back and help again! Now THAT gets me excited! I have two (young) boys, and it's my hope that they will grow up to be boys (and men) of service. So, to see a group of high school students serving others gives me great hope!