Metallics, Mamelodi Style November 23 2007

SHOP NOW by ColorI've always thought that the beadworking women of Beaded Hope were amazing, but they recently gave me even more reasons to be really excited with our latest shipment of beadwork. In South Africa, beadwork is a tradition that is handed down from generation to generation. Women sit under an acacia tree or around a camp fire and teach their daughters the art of beadwork. In the Ndebele (pronounced in-da-bey-lee) tribe, learning beadworking skills is part of a young girl's initiation ritual. With this training also comes lessons on traditional color combinations. Any study of old, traditional South African beadwork will show that it is typically created using blue, green, red, yellow, black and white. So, when you see a seemingly old piece of beadwork at a market in South Africa, one way to judge its age is by its color. Not too long ago I received a new shipment of beadwork from South Africa. This is always exciting because I never know exactly what I will be receiving. When I opened the bag, I was simply amazed. The women had not only created pieces of beadwork in beautiful traditional colors but also in amazing contemporary color combinations. I don't know how they came up with these ideas. I don't know if they were influenced by the people that they interact with or if they were simply creative with their color choices. What I do know is that you are the beneficiary of this amazing shipment of beadwork. And I, once again, am amazed by the beadworking women in South Africa.