CiN Weekly, 2/6/08 February 07 2008

Looking for a great Valentine's Day gift? Here's what CiN Weekly had to say about Beaded Hope... Share the Love Fresh Take on Valentine's Day Gifts CiN Weekly Wednesday, February 6, 2008 Jewelry is a classic Valentine's Day gift idea. Now it can even be heartwarming and bring hope to its creators. A Cincinnati-based charity, Beaded Hope ( sells handmade beaded products made by women in Mamelodi, South Africa who are affected by HIV/AIDS. The women use wages from their jobs making crafts to buy medicine and feed their families, while Beaded Hope donates proceeds from the sales of the merchandise to an AIDS program in South Africa. Among the items, which range from as little as $6 to $75, are Zulu bangle bracelets ($28) and Ndebele (pronounced in-da-bay-lee) and Imbulunga (pronounced imbu-lu-nah) necklaces and earrings ($75 set). Get it at: 2nd Chance Upscale Resale Shoppe, 11729 Springfield Pike, Springdale, 513-671-7162 or; Redtree Art Gallery & Coffee Shop, 4409 Brazee St., Oakley, 513-321-8733 or; or Check out the online article here.