Life's Better Together June 06 2008

My girlfriend, Debba, is an entrepreneur and the founder of, a website dedicated to the inspiration, celebration and appreciation of female friendships. Debba started in response to being so blessed with great girlfriends. Through research and reading, she learned that this need for girlfriends was biological. Women have a true need to have community with each other. In fact, in the book The Tending Instinct by Shelley Taylor, it is shown how we "tend and befriend" as a natural part of our DNA. Recently it dawned on Debba and me that we both are trying to do the same thing: honor and nurture the natural connection between women. Whether it's grabbing a quick cup of coffee and catching up with a girlfriend or connecting with a woman across the globe through the purchase of a piece of her beadwork, we all "tend and befriend", woman to woman. Debba recently invited me to share a bit about my passion for Beaded Hope and women across the globe. Check out the YouTube video (and be sure to check out!). [youtube=]