Christmas Past July 31 2008

It's always great to hear what our customers have done with Christmas ornaments in the past. Here are a few highlights:

Christmas Snowman"I trimmed ALL of my Christmas gifts with a Beaded Hope Christmas tree ornament. That way I could share the story of Beaded Hope with my friends and family." ---Betty, Owner of North Star Consulting---

"Our company is woman-owned, and many of our clients are also women. By giving each client an ornament made by the women of Beaded Hope, we connected women worldwide." ---Julie, Owner of Madison Design Group---

"I gave a beaded angel ornament to each of the team leaders for our annual Angel Tree project, it tied in perfectly and everyone was thrilled." ---Kelley, Associate Director of ReachOut at Crossroads---

"I gave a snowman ornament to each of my school administrators. They made great staff holiday gifts." ---Wayne, Superintendent at Cary Community School District---