Imagination is... November 07 2008

Albert Einstein is most well known for his theory of relativity and for winning the Nobel Peace Prize in Physics in 1921.  And while I cannot deny that he was a great intellectual man, what intrigues me more is that he took the time to make profound observations regarding life and how to live it to its fullest. My favorite quote from Einstein, "Imagination is more important than knowledge", alludes to the importance of child-like imagination that allows unlimited possibilities.  This is the world that I prefer to live in.  One where you are only limited by what you can imagine. Bit by bit (and bead by bead) it is my dream to enable the beadwork artists of Beaded Hope to be limitless in their imagination. If you've kept up with Beaded Hope then you already know that Nelly and Betty are two amazing beadwork artists.  Their work includes stars, trees, balls, snowmen and even necklaces. Last March, while in South Africa, I spent some time with Nelly and Betty.  I asked them if they would be able to come up with a new beadwork design for this Christmas.  I didn't give them ANY direction or instruction; I simply suggested that each year they modify their design so that it's fresh and new. Well, as always, they have come up with a wonderful new design for this year's beaded Christmas balls.  Each ball in their new design is surrounded by a delicate flower-like pattern that is done in either traditional colors or modern colors. Check out Nelly and Betty's new designs in the Just In! section of the Beaded Hope store.