My Grandmother Would be Pleased November 25 2009

Growing up, my family often visited my paternal grandparents for Thanksgiving. The day was filled with keepsake traditions ranging from homemade pecan pie, to a rousing and sometimes dangerous game of "spoons", to the "Moment of Thankfulness". Once the meal was prepared, my grandmother would gather us around the table and ask each of us to share one thing for which we were thankful. Today, as I drive my children to their grandfather's house near Chicago for Thanksgiving, I wish instead that I could head to my grandmother's house so that I could share my thankful item. Since my grandmother passed away nearly 5 years ago, I can no longer share with her.  But, I can share with you. This year I am thankful for a company named Links Unlimited and their visionary owner, Scott Kooken. Through a series of seemingly random interactions, Scott learned of our work at Beaded Hope. Because Scott and Links work hard to find ways to give back to the community, Scott invited me to meet with him. By the end of our meeting, Scott and his team had offered to provide inventory management and order fulfillment services for Beaded Hope. Now, this might not seem like a big deal to you, but to me (and Beaded Hope) it is HUGE. Before Links, all Beaded Hope inventory had been housed in my basement and all orders were filled (sometimes successfully and sometimes not) by me. So, this year I am thankful for Scott, for Links and for their willingness to partner with Beaded Hope and support us in our mission to help women in South Africa. I think my grandmother would be pleased.