Parcel Delivery - Part 1 January 20 2010

Today we delivered parcels of food to families in the squatters camps. These camps are informal settlements that contain rows and rows of houses built from found materials. As you can imagine, there are many people who have to rely on the generosity of others for something as basic as food. Our second delivery was to a part of Mamelodi that I'd never been to before. The streets were teeming with people and the conditions were some of the worst I've witnessed. Our drivers began to get nervous and insisted that we stay in the car. While we were discussing how we would deliver the parcel, the woman that we were going to visit actually walked by our car. As we gave her the parcel she explained that she had not had food in her house for the last two days, and was also supporting two of her daughters and two grandbabies. Such a small gesture on our part made such a huge difference for this family.