Witness of a Miracle January 21 2010

I have always believed in miracles, but as I write this post I am having difficulty finding the words to describe what I have witnessed. In a business meeting today we were interviewing a potential new member of the Beaded Hope management team. During this meeting, I witnessed a white Afrikaner woman apologize to a black South African for Apartheid. Tears streamed down this woman's face as she asked for forgiveness for what her people had done in the past and how they had treated the black people. Let me explain‚ up until 1994, South Africa had a policy of Apartheid, or separateness, which was enforced by the government. I will spare you all the gory details and simply say that it was a brutal system from which the country of South Africa is still trying to recover. So, today I witnessed a miracle as a white Afrikaner asked for forgiveness and a black South African gave it freely. To learn more about apartheid click here.