Pretoria Zoo Market January 22 2010

Today was a slow and enjoyable day of browsing beadwork at the open-air market outside of the Pretoria Zoo. It's a small market in comparison to the Rosebank and Chameleon Village markets, but it's always my favorite. The zoo has a quiet pace and it's clear that the ladies are working hard to earn a living and take care of their families. Mrs. Tshabalala has a booth at the zoo, as does Poppy who we've worked with in the past. On this trip to the market we didn't find any new products that inspired us, but we did meet Johanna who has a stall and also works for the Department of Labour teaching beadworking skills. We spent a good deal of time visiting with her, learning what needs to be done so that we can bring her in to Mamelodi to teach new women how to do beadwork. So, it was a good day.