Community January 24 2010

On all of the trips that I've made to South Africa, I've never had a day that wasn't packed with a full agenda. Today was the first time that I have been without plans. What to do? Well‚ yesterday I offered to go to the grocery store and pick up food so that my South African friends and I could cook together this afternoon. For me, having friends and family in my house is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. So, that was my plan for today. What I didn't plan on was that we were cooking for 12 to 14 people, but only 5 of us sat down to eat. Where were all these people that we were cooking for? Then, slowly, neighbors, friends and family began to trickle in. They would fill their plate with food and then sit down and talk with us. Lengthy discussions on HIV/AIDS, South African president Zuma, the ANC, what it means to be a wife and a mother, and much, much more ensued. It was, without a doubt, a perfect afternoon filled with food, laughter and community.