Tough Feedback January 25 2010

My least favorite part of Beaded Hope is giving constructive feedback to the women, and today tested my ability to do just that. It's my policy that all items sold by Beaded Hope are nothing short of perfect. No mistakes, no missing details, no slacking work. It may sound harsh, but in reality I am trying to help the women understand that if their work is perfect, then people will tell their friends about it. The better the work, the more people will want to shop at Beaded Hope, and these women will continue to have work through Beaded Hope.

However, delivering this message to the women is both difficult and heart-breaking. How is it that you tell someone who is living in poverty that her work isn't "perfect" enough? I do it as kindly and gently as I possibly can. I remind the women that I want Beaded Hope to be a huge success so that they can be blessed with the work, and this requires perfect products. It's tough feedback to deliver in a tough world.

Me with Mighty and Lydia.