Looking Back Part 1 --- Mrs. Tshabalala January 28 2010

I want to take you back to my last day in South Africa because it was truly the most amazing day. On Tuesday morning I arrived at the VCT where the women were to meet me with the beadwork that I ordered from them. Walking into the building I found Mrs. Tshabalala (pronounced Cha ba la la) waiting patiently for me. We sat down together and looked over the items that she brought me. Everything looked wonderful, so I got out my notebook, wrote everything down, and totaled up the amount due. Before I could pay Mrs. Tshabalala, she asked Mighty to translate for her. In Zulu she told me that she wanted to donate 10 key rings to Beaded Hope. She said that she wanted to give back, and the only way that she knew how to do this was through the use of her hands. She told me that Beaded Hope had given so much to the women of Mamelodi that she also wanted to give. I was completely and thoroughly touched by Mrs. Tshabalala's generosity, but I must admit that it was terribly difficult to accept her gift. I know that the only income she earns is through her beadwork, however I also know that the act of giving is also a gift for the giver, and so I humbly and graciously accepted Mrs. Tshabalala's gift.