Beaded Hope, The Novel, to be Released March 1, 2010 February 16 2010 1 Comment

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Beaded Hope Novel Inspired by Humanitarian Efforts in South Africa to be Relased March 2010 (Carol Stream, IL) Sometimes, hope finds you when you least expect it. Beaded Hope, the novelBeaded Hope, to be released in March 2010 by Tyndale House Publishers, is the fictional story of three American women who embark on a mission trip to Mamelodi, South Africa, to work with families whose lives have been devastated by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Selfless cause, right? Not exactly. Gabby, Heidi and Cassandra each have private reasons for making the trip. One is running from an overwhelming loss; one is trying desperately to save her career; another is hoping this will be an opportunity to bridge the gap that has separated her from her stepdaughter. What none of them expect is how profoundly their lives will be changed by the women they meet, women who combat disease and poverty daily yet still embrace life with joy. Through discovering a way to help the South African women support their families by selling the bead work that has been taught to generations of women in the community, the American women find their own lives transformed as they learn to love and accept each other. Novelist Cathy Liggett was inspired to write Beaded Hope following her own trip to South Africa. "Meeting the women made me realize that, yes, their situation is a far cry from my own," states the author. "But aside from that, they are no different than I am. They are women who want nourishment and a sense of well-being for their families, and mothers who want a more hopeful life and future for their children." A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Beaded Hope will go to support the nonprofit organization of the same name. About the Author ‚ Cathy Liggett is the author of several contemporary romances and one nonfiction book. She worked in advertising copywriting and gift product development before turning to her passion for writing fiction. She was inspired to write Beaded Hope after traveling to South Africa on a mission trip like the one described in the story. Cathy and her husband, Mark, have two grown children and make their home in Loveland, Ohio. Visit her website at FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Maggie Rowe Tyndale Publishing 630.784.5333 > Buy the book now on Amazon