Let Me Introduce April 09 2011

It’s time for some formal, okay maybe more like casual, introductions. On Sunday, April 10th I will be departing for Mamelodi, South Africa along with my compadres Connor and Amanda. Connor, my son, has been looking forward to this trip for years. Hopefully, his mother (yes, that’s me) won’t strangle him before the end of the two weeks (he IS nearly 12, if you know what I mean). Amanda was volunteered by her mother for this trip (love you Joules!) and has wrapped her arms and mind around everything South Africa. You’ll hear a lot more from Amanda after this trip because she is also doing a three month journalism internship with Beaded Hope. And now, without further ado…

Connor is in the 6th grade at Adena Elementary School where he is passionate about three things: legos, baseball and helping others.

In Connor’s words: “My mom has been going to South Africa since I was five and I have wanted to go since her second trip. I want to see what the world is like outside of the United States. I know how lucky I am to have food, a house and be healthy and that we are not affected by AIDS. I want to help.”

Amanda is a Journalism major at the University of Cincinnati and is passionate about coffee, stories, and music. In Amanda’s words: “An ocean away from my little apartment, with its mini fridge and papasan chair, is a world of people who can't tweet about their daily issues or drive to a doc-in-a-box for just anything. In South Africa, I want to meet the people and use my pen to tell their stories to bring awareness.”

Okay. So you don’t really need my bio do you? Well for the random reader who stumbles across this blog post (welcome! btw) here it is:

Jennifer is a 40-something wife and mother of two boys who is passionate about being creative, hiking the beautiful outdoors, and finding adventure in every-day life. Jennifer has been in love with Africa for as long as she can remember and is known to spout off pearls of wisdom (all learned from the ladies in South Africa!) such as “you don’t have to be Bono or Oprah to change the world; you just have to take the first step.”

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