Township Life April 21 2011

Thoughts from Jennifer. Mamelodi, South Africa. April 20, 2011. 
People often ask me what life is like in the township of Mamelodi. Words fail me ever time. I cannot begin to explain what I cannot begin to understand. With each trip to South Africa, however, I gain a little bit more insight. Let me show you what I’ve witnessed on this trip. Houses come in all shapes and sizes. Some are made from brick and wood, some are made with found materials. Some have water and power, many don’t. People setup stands on the side of the road to try to earn a living. Fruits and vegetables, tires, freshly fried fat cakes (that taste like a donut without all the sugar), and even mouti (traditional medicine) can be purchased. A once functioning stove stands watch over a wood burning pot that fills the house with the smell of fire. Rain and rubbish make for a bad combination especially when it rains at night and homes are flooded with water. Sometimes people have a need to wash away the debris of the day.