Balele Necklace

$ 25.00 $ 40.00

Balele (pronounced ba'l le) means to shine or be sunny in Zulu and that’s exactly what this necklace does.

Made by Mma Tshabalala and designed to be worn with the Balele Loop Earrings this necklace made of a beautiful combination of white sparkling seed beads and classic karakatana beads.

Veteran beadwork artist Mrs. Tshabalala combines the tradition of creating “tubes” of beads and connecting them together, but this time she connects them with 3 strands of karakatana beads and 3 strands of sparkling green beads to create this modern necklace that can be the start of your outfit or a supporting act.

Size: approximately 26-28 inches long

To learn more about Mma Tshabalala’s inspiring story click here.

Note: Due to the artistic nature of this item no two necklaces are the same.

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