The Original Karakatana Necklace

$ 20.00

It all began here. This simple strand of beads, called karakatana, sparked the imagination and the creativity of a group of women to create an entirely new line of Beaded Hope jewelry.

Karakatana, which literally means “tooth compound”, were often strung together and given to teething children to chew on to ease their discomfort.

While rarely used for this purpose anymore karakatana beads are now strung into these simple and versatile necklaces. Wondering how to wear your new Karakatana piece? Well, you could:

WRAP it,
LOOP it,
KNOT it,
STACK it (around your wrist!), or
LAYER it with other pieces of jewelry in your collection. 

Color: No two karakatana beads are ever the same making them entirely unique and fun to wear. Beads range in color from cream to gray to dark gray to warm brown.

Size: one continuous strand of beads ranging between 50 and 54 inches long

Note: Due to the artistic nature of this item no two necklaces are the same.

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